The Artist Formally Known as Poezebel

I am a multimedia artist. I’ve ventured away from oil paints and charcoal into the graphic world, however, I cannot shake the abstractions that have always caught my eye. And, then I drifted back to painting.

I enjoy using pen, marker, oil paint, charcoal; pencil if I have to. Unfortunately I am my worst critic and none of these are safe from alterations.


**I had my paintings photographed for better quality. The photographer gave them names based on our conversations or what he thought of the paintings, I chose not to change them at this time. I will add in dimensions, change names and put in a suggested price based on an algorithm of size, personal joy, material cost and time spent.**

*Please note that I do not sign my paintings so that the orientation is never set in stone*


Poe #1 (anatomy) Poe #2 (blotter and the sky) Poe #3 (the deep space) Poe #4 (but I want to live) Poe #5 (Some dude named Leo) Poe #6 (the crying eye) Poe #8 (the man) Poe #9 (not Monet's lilies) Poe #10 (good 'ol Cooper) Poe #12 (eclectic tea party) Poe #13 (hai) Poe #14 (the day is young) Poe #15 (the spirits are nigh) Poe #16 (suddenly Seymore) Poe #17 (_hey, who threw out a perfectly good bowl of soup__ Poe #18 (deciduous fanny pack)


My own creation.

My own creation.

Poezebel photo-shop creation. Outsourced photography from J. Croff Photography.

Poezebel photo-shop creation. Outsourced photography from J. Croff Photography.





I appreciate constructive criticism. If you would want to purchase any of my drawings or paintings; or commission an abstract portrait, you can contact me through the comment section at this time.


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