Spring Fever

It feels like Spring today; what a wonderful feeling! The sun is out and those big bulky jackets and boots can stay in the car for all we care. It’s a perfect day to roam the streets and see all the people enjoying this beautiful day! Of course, it’s very important to buy those tickets today, because the trolls are also roaming the streets making sure we all pay the smaller fee and giving love notes when you lose track of time.

I only have a half hour.

Today I’m going to bitch about; drum roll please….


So you’re walking the street enjoying the sunshine, your only concern is getting hit by a car. However, you’re a responsible human and you are accustomed to being in proximity to these quick moving giants with other humans in their bellies. You understand that the side walk is the safest place to interact with these giants and that walking where they travel can be hazardous to your health. You know that the trolls paint the stones as a safer way to cross the roads and for the chickens they give you ducks.


All the traffic has stopped, the painted lines are safe for you and your feet to proceed across. All the giants, teleportation machines and the humans from within have been stopped so that you can not look left and right. Great for busy intersections, but down right comical when nobody is in sight to cross. Everyone, just hit the button and walk anyway. Don’t wait for the quacking. Be an inconsiderate prick and hinder movement when completely unnecessary. This is why we can’t have nice things.

Don’t those ducks sound so purrttty?