Who builds the roads anyway?

At this point, it is obvious that I have a serious obsession vendetta against these roads. When faced with the dilemma of what we would do as a society without government the biggest question for the people who haven’t thought about it is “but; who will build the roads?”


Who the fuck builds these god forsaken roads now?

My whole life I have loathed the roads. They are never maintained and nobody seems to be held accountable for them. Your shocks are bad… can’t be our beloved roads being ill-maintained. Nope! Oh dear… Your tire is flat… you rim is bent… you missed work? Can’t the the fault of the pothole you hit on your way in; Oh no! it’s not the roads fault! You should drive more carefully. A pothole couldn’t possibly do that much damage. Whatever you do:


I grew up in a small town, the question for me was NEVER “who will build them” it was always “who builds these?” It got to the point where we, the town dwellers, just mapped out where these pot holes were and avoided them; mental maps of the best times of the year to use which roads. Remembering where each divot and bump, snow heave and crater was; knowing when to turn the wheel to skate between them. Driving is an art; and oh man, did we master it!

Now, I’m going to educate you on these stupid roads. I’m so angry I’m not even going to immerse you into the fantasy world I created. I don’t care to.

This is real life!

The roads are not built by the ruling class; they don’t like to get their hands dirty. Roads are built by independent contractors hired by the government because they think we’re too stupid to hire somebody to maintain the roads. Also, if you were to attempt to “fix” any problem with the roads you would think that you would get some compensation or a pat on the back from daddy government. You don’t. In some cases you can be fined for interfering.

They like to make life more complicated for you and fill their pockets. Remember, we’re all the red-headed step children (I assume no 1%er will find their way to my blog).

It would be possible to independently own and maintain roads without the stepping stone of daddy. But, I get it. Being blamed for what happens when the roads break your car is much easier than saying “Hey asshole! What gives? You’re just going to let the roads deteriorate beneath our vehicles?”

I just… No.~Poe out!