Underage Red


I’m going to go on a new segment and I’m not sure where I am going with it quite yet.

“This is why we can’t have nice things”

So, fashion. I have my own ideas on fashion and don’t exactly interplay well with the “norms” of fashionable ideas. I like to push the envelope and mix things up and occasionally down-right terrify people with eccentricity. I wear my boots over my knees, my skirts to the floor and pair it with shirts that I rescued from the landfill. Everything deserves a second chance at life!

Kat Von D put out her newest line of lipstick and is getting some serious backlash from consumers for her naming choices. She refuses to apologize! Good for her! She has no need. Her reasoning is incredibly poetic!

She won’t back down; she won’t change the name. She has all of my support! Her lipstick “underage red” should continue to be named that! She is pointing a light at what it means to be young; not degrading women and promoting underage promiscuity nor any of that invoked thoughts of the term “underage”.

“Underage Red” is not a girly, pink shade. It is not a sophisticated, deep red either. It is an unapologetic, bold red. To me, “Underage Red” is feminine rebellion. -Kat Von D

The reason we cannot ever have nice things is because people read into things way too much. Instead of invoking memories of when we were all underage there is an invocation of glorifying underage “adult” behavior.


Kat Von D defends ‘Underage Red’ lipstick: ‘I will never apologize’

UNDERAGE RED.I have never expected everyone to understand or see things the way that I do. With that being said, I…

Posted by Kat Von D on Thursday, March 19, 2015


And now, I’m attempting to make lipstick.