Think of the children: a stream of consciousness.

With so much police brutality it’s a wonder anything is “legal”. Need some excuse for the bullies of this world to get their fix. The state collects citizens’ hard earned federal cotton for the paper with a crime attached, or perhaps isolates you in a room with a john and a bed; probably best to give them all that cotton to avoid the latter! It’s been so long since we’ve been free that we thank our masters for our privilege; check that shit, it may have expired!
When the children are slain for playing and commerce is punishable by death, when suspicion is all it takes to commence harassment; it is not the time to say more rules to break, it’s time to change the status quo. Let us focus on the children: I’ve been seeing a lot of them flooding the internet as survivors of or even murdered. “Unruly behavior” is a crime punishable by force or death in this country; our children do not even get a chance to learn of the consequences before being punished. Of course, they are taught very young to always trust police officers! Police officers don’t kidnap people; oh wait! Yeah. They do. For whatever made up charge they can manage to get away with. Consider yourself lucky you just got a ticket!
They have begun to attack retailers for the recent child shooting; 12 year old playing with a BB gun was shot because his gun was not correctly showing the proper distinguishing orange tip. It is, of course, not the officer’s fault! There was nothing else he could do to apprehend this young child, or get his attention. Fearful bully. We can’t blame the child, a victim of playground bullies dressed in blue, or the parents for not teaching proper imitation gun etiquette or to fear the police as you play, nope, retailers who sell these fake guns are obviously to blame! It can’t be the man who pulled the trigger of an actual gun. Oh no! He was just doing his job protecting and serving and educating the public.
So these fake gun laws are just as absurd as legitimate gun laws. Please paint the tip of your gun orange or else we will shoot you. A little excessive; when did this gang obtain the right to act first and think never?

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over; expecting different results.”

The year is 1939; children are required to attend the youth programs set forth by their government. If parents objected to this education they were taken away. This educational program taught the youth to be patriotic. They would fulfill training tactics fit for military, obedience was mandatory and they were encouraged to bully to weed out the weakest of them.

Children were obedient to the propaganda the government force fed them, and not to their parents. They were encouraged to spy on their parents and to report to their superiors what was said against them or their leaders. Children were brainwashed. They were not to be trusted. And, worst of all, they had no idea what was really happening.

The year is 2014; children are required to have an education set forth by their government. It is not yet illegal to have your child learn in private or at home; but they can still have them removed from your arms if you neglect to teach them what is deemed appropriate for them. When put into government run schools children are taught to be patriotic, they get warped propaganda shoved at them and, of course, they learn to trust and respect government agencies. Children are taught to obey their teachers, walk in a straight line, how to properly praise the American flag and that being the victim of bullying is out of their control.

Children are subjected to all of this in public education; the Hitler Youth began much like our education system, in 1922, where it was not the only option. The media picks up the slack. So, children, please; if you find your parents’ guns, bring them to school and hand them to a responsible adult for disposal. You just don’t feel safe with guns in your home!

He brings you your mail, but you don’t think you have a relationship with them?

To begin with, my credentials as a relationship guru are shit. I will not pose to anyone that I am an expert on anything; that being said, I have always been the advice giving friend. I have always been the “go-to” person in my circle, and even outside of that circle; strangers have approached me, with problems as if I am just giving off this vibration that I care and want to help. I do care, and I do want to help. When the time comes that I need advice, I am given my own advice recycled to fit the context with the heeding, “You should follow your own advice.”

I should follow my own advice. When push comes to shove I preach the age-old communication line and have always been the one, even before polyamory was known to me, to push poly practices and nontraditional views of relationships. I am not an expert on polyamory, I have only heard of the practice a couple years ago. However, when I started to research and experiment with it, I realized just how much I had always been. I will not state that polyamory is THE way! I will, however, express to you that even if you have never met the person who delivers your mail; you have a relationship with that person. And polyamory is just a healthy relationship where you talk to your partner and accept what your partner has to say. You can be “monogamous” with a partner and still explore polyamorous ideals.

From what I’ve gathered; you can love someone who doesn’t fulfill all of your needs and your partner’s needs are just as important as your own. Perhaps your partner, in simple matters, enjoys an activity as innocent as golfing that you find horrendous and unappealing. Should your partner give up golfing just because you hate it? NO! Of course not! That would be unfair of you to ask! Perhaps your partner likes to go to ballet recitals and they put you to sleep; is it so unfair for your partner, lover, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, etc etc etc to find someone else to accompany them, or to actively participate in something you just cannot wrap your head around enjoying? Is it such a bad thing that someone else can do something for your significant other that you can’t?

Polyamory has defined my relationship ideals, however, I am not one to say “Open up your relationship to all sorts of different things!” Do what makes you comfortable, but the extreme form of monogamy is defined as an abusive relationship. In any account, if your partner has a friend they care about in monogamy, an emotional connection; can be considered “cheating”. Polyamory opens up the communication and defines what cheating is; maybe it is okay for your partner to have friends with which s/he has emotional connections with, but not physical, or vice versa. Just this concept alone could be so beneficial for monogamous relationships. You don’t want your only interactions to be your partner: true monogamy is not for anyone!

Technological Revolution

Sitting on the couch I turn to my lover and ask him about his day, he does not even acknowledge that I have spoken. I get to my feet and see that I am surrounded by people on the web based playground. The entire living room is filled with people and nobody can hear me. All ‘tap’ ‘tap’ tapping’ on their phones; their laptops; their computers and tablets. Disconnected, I leave, since nobody can hear me.

I walk the streets, alone, and not a soul is out and about without a screen attached to their face. I get home, walk through the door and there is wall to wall people all on their screens. I climb the stairs to my bedroom, curl up in my bed, finally alone; I turn on my laptop and my bedroom is now filled with all these people.

They can hear me now.



I see a future where the need for parks and sidewalks is diminished; thus replaced with underground subways that nobody uses. The sun will be a memory for we all stay inside; a land littered of buildings, an absence of grass. You will not covet your neighbors garden for they are a thing of the past. A future of isolation; where we all stare at screens!