“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over; expecting different results.”

The year is 1939; children are required to attend the youth programs set forth by their government. If parents objected to this education they were taken away. This educational program taught the youth to be patriotic. They would fulfill training tactics fit for military, obedience was mandatory and they were encouraged to bully to weed out the weakest of them.

Children were obedient to the propaganda the government force fed them, and not to their parents. They were encouraged to spy on their parents and to report to their superiors what was said against them or their leaders. Children were brainwashed. They were not to be trusted. And, worst of all, they had no idea what was really happening.

The year is 2014; children are required to have an education set forth by their government. It is not yet illegal to have your child learn in private or at home; but they can still have them removed from your arms if you neglect to teach them what is deemed appropriate for them. When put into government run schools children are taught to be patriotic, they get warped propaganda shoved at them and, of course, they learn to trust and respect government agencies. Children are taught to obey their teachers, walk in a straight line, how to properly praise the American flag and that being the victim of bullying is out of their control.

Children are subjected to all of this in public education; the Hitler Youth began much like our education system, in 1922, where it was not the only option. The media picks up the slack. So, children, please; if you find your parents’ guns, bring them to school and hand them to a responsible adult for disposal. You just don’t feel safe with guns in your home!