Think of the children: a stream of consciousness.

With so much police brutality it’s a wonder anything is “legal”. Need some excuse for the bullies of this world to get their fix. The state collects citizens’ hard earned federal cotton for the paper with a crime attached, or perhaps isolates you in a room with a john and a bed; probably best to give them all that cotton to avoid the latter! It’s been so long since we’ve been free that we thank our masters for our privilege; check that shit, it may have expired!
When the children are slain for playing and commerce is punishable by death, when suspicion is all it takes to commence harassment; it is not the time to say more rules to break, it’s time to change the status quo. Let us focus on the children: I’ve been seeing a lot of them flooding the internet as survivors of or even murdered. “Unruly behavior” is a crime punishable by force or death in this country; our children do not even get a chance to learn of the consequences before being punished. Of course, they are taught very young to always trust police officers! Police officers don’t kidnap people; oh wait! Yeah. They do. For whatever made up charge they can manage to get away with. Consider yourself lucky you just got a ticket!
They have begun to attack retailers for the recent child shooting; 12 year old playing with a BB gun was shot because his gun was not correctly showing the proper distinguishing orange tip. It is, of course, not the officer’s fault! There was nothing else he could do to apprehend this young child, or get his attention. Fearful bully. We can’t blame the child, a victim of playground bullies dressed in blue, or the parents for not teaching proper imitation gun etiquette or to fear the police as you play, nope, retailers who sell these fake guns are obviously to blame! It can’t be the man who pulled the trigger of an actual gun. Oh no! He was just doing his job protecting and serving and educating the public.
So these fake gun laws are just as absurd as legitimate gun laws. Please paint the tip of your gun orange or else we will shoot you. A little excessive; when did this gang obtain the right to act first and think never?