Completely unrelated to the blog post of the other day, the trolls have changed the laws instead of fixing the problems. The rocky foundation from which we travel is completely overtaken with this white stuff, including the area designated for foot travel. Our teleportation machines are being subjected to many infractions because operators cannot see through walls of white.

Instead of fixing the problem one side of the road at a time they decided it would be more efficient to change the parking laws. It is hazardous at this time, that is true, but if they did the job of building roads to begin with, we may be able to teleport effectively; and park. Unfortunately, because they can’t be bothered to do things right the first time we are subjected to having to play the “sneak around the dangerous intersections and hope we don’t get hit game” and the “Oh my god! Can I fit down this street?!” game.

Of course, it is easier to change the laws than it is to fix the problems. 24 hour residential parking bans makes much more sense than just getting the snow out of the way in the first place; Evens only all day every day! I suggest that the trolls tell us to never park on the streets and put up new signs to make these now narrow roads all one-way streets. It is just that much easier than getting the snow barricades out of the way.

Every day citizens are not even allowed to drop their plows and help the trolls. You are subjected to lovely fines for helping where they cannot. I’m not sure why everyone is just letting this go. And my damn vacation stopped me from getting this out when it happened.

Pictures soon.