Holy Wow! This is beautiful

Sergei Polunin: the “bad boy of ballet” dances to Take me to Church. Now, I’m not an expert on dance but this moved me! The song itself moves me. When I first heard the song I was not entirely impressed, being that I am not a church goer, but when it came on the radio again I listened more intently. The struggles of being against the church, being gay in a world where it still is not entirely acceptable. We continue to have gay bashing and so many of us want acceptance. Willing to hide out within a community that hates us because that is all we have ever known.

When I came out; well, actually, I never came out. My family just accepted me as I came. Okay, scratch that, I’m just lucky, but my older sister was also gay and she paved the way for easier transition. So when I expressed to my family that I was not interested in sleeping with people based on gender they accepted that and listened to my crazy rantings on love and sex. Thankfully they never tried to take me to church, though, as a child I did attempt to be a good christian and went to youth groups. Until the day came that I was waiting for my ride to bring me home and spent a good amount of time in the lobby of the church looking for things to read. My prepubescent self came across these pamphlets to “Pray the gay away!”… I never went back. I could not be a part of something so hateful, my sister was gay and I didn’t quite understand the concept of “gay” at that time but, if happiness can be evil; I had to get out of there!

Not that I dislike Christians, I can see the beauty in any religion!